Degrader EP

by Degrader

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released June 1, 2015

Recorded and Edited by Liam Geary at Moondog Recordings
Mixed and Mastered by Zach Jones at Royal House Studios



all rights reserved


Degrader Rockland, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Revive/Evolve
It's time to settle the score / What are you waiting for / Revive my malice for the decency that you seem to lack / Stuck in the past / Your way of thinking is out-dated / This too would pass / But the life you live is jaded / Criticizing and complaining / You're the one that's never changing / Over time you'll fall behind / Until you learn to free your mind / Constantly feeding on the negative / Polluting your spirit is no way to live / This hate is eternal / Evolve your state of thinking and your mind will be set free / Break the chains enclosing you in negativity / TEAM LBP / Live and be proud / You've got to live in the now / Revive evolve / You are the problem that needs to be solved / It's time to settle the score / What are you waiting for / Where are you gonna hide when karma's knocking at the door
Track Name: Overdose
Sleeping to escape me / Self-medicating for the pain that I've been feeling / Fading to erase me / No one can save me / Now I know my end is nearing / I'm drifting / From room to room / No sight no sound / My mind's slipping / Onto the next depressant now/ I'm drifting / My mind's slipping / All I need is to find my peace / Best believe I know what's best for me / Look at me now / Laying on the ground / Hoping that I'll never be found / No one can save me now / Hanging down from the ceiling / The rope before my eyes is looking so appealing / Never did I realize this would be my demise / I'm drifting / Won't live to see another day / My mind's slipping / I'm fading away
Track Name: Zero
No remorse from the rising sun / Never was enough for anyone / I can't take this anymore / Can't take this anymore / Put me in the ground / Not once did it cross my mind / That you would ever turn your back and cross the line, fuck / I always thought you'd be by my side / But I'm not another zero that you left behind / You won't get the best of me / Cause all I have is apathy / I keep digging / I keep screaming / I keep rotting away / There's nothing stopping me / There's nothing left to decay / I was nothing more than a convenience to you / Now I know that I was just a zero to you / Fucking zero / No remorse from the rising sun / Never was enough for anyone / You want respect but you don't understand / That it's get what you give / And it's live and let live / You put me in the fucking ground / But I'm still loud / Can you hear me now
Track Name: Dead Presidents ft. South African Prince
I've been trying to find a better way / But the system owns us all and there is no escape / So take your cash / Get the fuck out of my face / I refuse to be another slave / This disease is slipping through the blood stream / They believe that they are all above me / You had the world at the palm of your hands / Now you're on your knees at your money's demand / You've had everything handed to you / You'll never know the struggles I've been through / You have the world in the palm of your hands / But you're on your knees at your money's demand / The current me's discrepancy / I won't be owned by currency / The paper may be all that you need / But dead presidents don't mean shit to me / Money is all you have to your name / So what's the point of playing the game / If what you seek is fortune and fame / Then what's it worth when it all goes up in flames / Conditioned to put my faith in another false prescription / Divisions that have been cause by the lies of the politicians / How long will it take you to learn / If you're gonna play with fire then you're gonna get burned / Time heals but the truth still hurts / Bury the diamond in the fucking dirt

(South African Prince)
It's your darkest description / Cash is the soul that gripping / It's a mental addiction / Of your broken vision / Blackest production of self destruction
Track Name: The Void
Replace what's left in my head / Remove this pain in my chest / I live life feeling empty / From all the people that left me / That left me / Detaching myself from everyone else / Void of anything feeling of guilt / For removing you from this new life that I built / How you build me up / Just to watch me fall / You said you'd be there for me / but you're no where to be found / Scattered leaves and shattered dreams / I'm a fool for thinking that you would never leave / I can't believe I let you do this to me / Filling this void / I can feel the darkness growing in me / I am a shell of the man that I used to be / Hitemwidit